Tuesday, October 06, 2015

I Do... Need to Wear Tights

September is my favourite month for a wedding in Nova Scotia. If we had decided to get married at home, it was the month we'd have picked. It's always a gamble with the weather at any time of year here, so picking what to wear as a guest to a September wedding can sometimes be a challenge. It can  be really hot, or somewhat chilly. The safest bet is to wear something that you can layer a cardigan or jacket over, and tights under.

Dress: Banana Republic
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Cardigan: Vero Moda
Necklace: H&M
Sunnies and clutch: Coach
Tights: Calvin Klein

I'm taking a blog break for a week and heading off on vacation to Arizona. Keep up with my adventures on Instagram - but I'm in data jail right now, so I'll probably only update a few times a day (whenever I can find free wi-fi!)

My goal in life is to get a photo with a big cactus and an armadillo. Let's see if Scottsdale has any to offer!

Glitterary Girl

Sunday, October 04, 2015

My Monthly Purchases: September 2015

Every month, I break down my clothing expenses and share them. I used to have a monthly budget, but partway through 2014, I switched to a quarterly budget of $500. This can be rolled into the next quarter if it's not all spent. My goal is to keep my out of pocket expenses within $2000 a year. Gifts and gift cards don't count towards my budget.

Sweater: Joe Fresh (on sale right now, 25% off!)
Reg $29, used gift card balance, paid $$15
I loved this sweater from the second I saw it and would have paid a lot more for it than I did. I love the sleeve length, the colors, and the fit. I haven't worn it yet, but it will make a good Thanksgiving sweater if the weather is cool enough.

Shirt : Joe Fresh
Reg $16
I wore this to the wine festival- see here. It's a great neutral top and can be worn year round. Solid purchase for $16. I love the Joe Fresh fall collection this year.

Belt: American Eagle Outfitters
Reg $20, on sale for $2
One of those things that you pick up because it's cute and super cheap. I haven't worn it yet, but can see many a long sweater being belted with this

Hat: American Eagle Outfitters
Reg $45, on sale for $8
I can't get over the deal on this hat! It is too cute! Another topper for the collection. I'm soon going to need a bigger hat shelf...

Tee: Gap
Reg $20 on sale for $12
I love baby pink and Gap tees are very comfy and thick. Another year-round piece that will look great under a blazer or a button-up.

Skirt: American Eagle Outfitters
Reg $40 on sale for $17.50
I've been on a hunt for months for a long black skirt and here it is! This is coming to Scottsdale with me - a perfect travel piece.

Necklace: Joe Fresh
Reg $19 on sale for $6
Nice statement necklace for a nice price. I actually put this on at work the day I bought it.

I ended up taking back a grey Gap tee I bought last month. It was cropped and really loose fitting. I just couldn't make it work with anything.

Origanal value of items: $189
Price I paid (including money I got back for the return): $67 
I saved 65%

Gifts from my mom - she's cool like that

Dress: H&M
So when the dress you were going to wear gives you armpit fat, an emergency trip to the mall is in order. Soon,  I'll show you guys the cute striped dress I picked up for an evening out with some fabulous people. Stay tuned next week-ish when we're back from vacay.

Bag: H&M
This. bag. I have had so many people comment on it I must admit, for $15 it was a great find in the back of the sale rack. It was the only one left in medium grey. It has just enough room for all of my everyday things. Pop over to Instagram to see it.

So, for the third quarter of 2015, I still have $231 to roll ahead. This has been totally strategic, as I'm headed to Arizona this week and wanted to be able to have some extra shopping money. Add that to my $500 for the fourth quarter and that gives me $731 to spend til the end of the year. Even though I don't count the exchange rate in my budget (i.e if I spend $50 USD, that's the same as spending $50 CDN) I will be mentally factoring in the "is it worth it?" much more than usual, as the CDN dollar is so bad right now. I don't plan on spending all of that in AZ - I'm thinking I'll spend around $500. That will leave me a bit to play with for the Black Friday/Boxing Day sales.

Did you buy anything fabulous in September?

Glitterary Girl

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wine So Fine

If you live near Halifax and haven't been to a Port of Wines Festival, you need to make sure you attend the next one! My first experience with the event was on Friday night, and it did not disappoint. Imagine my delight to enter a huge room with hundreds of wines to taste. Did I mention the cheese plates? Swoon....

Top: Joe Fresh
Skirt: Club Monaco
Bag: Call it Spring
Boots: Nine West
Earrings: Beck & Boosh
Bracelet: Banana Republic

My hair is a bit shorter and the blonde is back, baby!

The outfit was a bit strategic. The flowy shirt and stretchy skirt were so I could eat and drink to my heart's content without worrying about belly bloat. The shoes were one of the more comfy pair of heels I own and had no chance of falling off my skinny feet. The cross body bag (hands free!) allowed me to juggle wine and food at the same time. That is how you dress for a wine show!

My wine buddy for the night had on a super cute jumpsuit from Warehouse in the UK. I wish I'd have gotten a full shot of it, but you can at least see the pattern in the above photo.

I can't begin to list all of the wines I loved from the festival, but one that stuck out in my mind that is local is Bliss by Avondale Sky from Newport Landing, Nova Scotia. It was so fresh and easy to drink!

Glitterary Girl

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Army Green

Along with navy blue, army green plays a big part in my closet as an "almost neutral". Yes it's a color, but played properly, can step in to complement almost any outfit.

Vest: Envy
Skirt and sandals: Topshop
Tee: Gap
Bracelet: Beck & Boosh
Watch: Stolen from Hubby (Movado with a Fossil strap)
Necklace: Joe Fresh

Both my tee and my skirt have busy prints, but with the vest breaking up the transition, it tones the outfit down a lot. I wore this to work, but this is the type of outfit you could wear running errands, to a casual dinner, or on a coffee date.
I just want to pull that wrinkle out over my chest...
This is a fun time of year for style. Summer staples can get paired with pops of autumn attire. We've been having a super September here in Nova Scotia. If you have any style questions, feel free to drop me a line at jennifermerlin14@gmail.com . You can also find me on Instagram: jennifermerlin14

Glitterary Girl