Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Waxon: Brows on Fleek

If you've taken a walk on Spring Garden Road in Halifax lately, you may have noticed the vibrant storefront of Waxon. The decor is so inviting! Once you step inside, the scent is just as fabulous as the sight. Waxon has developed their own line of wonderful smelling skin care products that will optimize your waxing experience.

The company's founder Lexi was in town for the day, and she spent some time with me explaining the expansion of Waxon from Toronto to Halifax. She went to university here (yay Dal!) and Halifax seemed to be the natural next step for the brand, given her love for the city. 

I was lucky to be treated to a brow shaping (wax), a brow tint, and a lash tint. The whole experience was very relaxing and not painful. I'd had my brows waxed many times before but never had lash or brow tinting done.

The results? I was very pleased with the experience. My brows were a perfect shape for me (and kept natural at my request).  There was no redness afterwards either (shocking!). The brow tint actually turned out a tiny bit orange BUT it evolved over the next 24 hours to a shade just one level darker than my natural brow. I haven't even felt the need to use my Benefit Gimme Brow (which is normally a daily must for me). As for the lash tint... I think it would be fabulous for someone who had full, long lashes that were just too light. For me, my own lashes are still too skinny and short to be able to go without mascara, even with the tint.

I went home with three great products - it was SO hard to choose which scents as they were all wonderful. I have the Body Shot moisturizing oil, On the Rocks (exfoliant and cleansing product) in Japanese Peppermint and Eucalyptus, and Loofah scrub in Blood Orange & White Grapefruit. The loofah is so neat - an actual loofah embedded in soap! What a great concept.

Thanks so much to Waxon for having me! I will be back!

Glitterary Girl

Monday, May 18, 2015

Third Piece

The concept about the third piece was something I usually did, but wasn't actually conscious of it. The idea is, when you're getting dressed, your outfit looks much more interesting if you add a third piece (besides your shoes).

For example:
Jeans, sweater, scarf
Dress, vest, hat
Shorts, tank, denim jacket
Skirt, top, statement necklace

Sure, I could have stopped at the top and jeans, but I think adding the vest elevated the look. Well, as much as you can elevate a pretty casual ensemble!

Top: Banana Republic
Vest: Vero Moda via Envy
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
Sneaks: Converse
Necklace: Forever 21
Sunnies: Coach

The Who What Wear article on the third piece explains the idea even more. Start using the third piece to make your look a lot more fun!

Hope everyone's long weekend is going gorgeously!

Glitterary Girl

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Right Now 05.17.15

Reading: I've been reading a lot lately which is so great. Sometimes I spend way too much time on-line, so I know if I'm getting through more books, my web browsing time is less. In the past few weeks I've finished two great - but very different - books. Wild by Cheryl Strayed is one I've been meaning to read for a long time. It was a wonderful memoir of her time backpacking as a twenty-something on the Pacific Crest Trail. Although my own backpacking year wasn't nearly as arduous as hers (my actual hiking was fairly minimal) it reminded me of that feeling of not knowing for sure what the next step would bring. It wasn't a terribly fast- paced book, but it held my attention well and when I finished the book, I was so glad she was able to share her story. The other book I read was The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins.  I flew through this in five days, which isn't bad for a full time worker (and part time blogger). This was one of those books that was really hard to put down. It reminded me of Gone Girl or Room in that aspect. The main character drove me nuts most of the time, but the book was written in a way that you didn't have to like her to enjoy the plot.
Writing: Blog posts, wedding think you cards (yes, still) and jotting down ideas for novel #2 which I will never have time to write (le sigh)
Clicking: I made an impromptu on-line order last week at Zara. I don't mind ordering from there as they have free shipping and returns so your only loss is the time it takes to go to the post office. I ordered four things - three are going back. Most hilarious of the rejects are these...

You know those ads, "Lose 5 pounds overnight!"? These are "Gain 30 pounds, instantly!"
Seeing: A massive mountain of patio furniture cushions. We need to buy covers so these don't have to be taken in at night!

Smelling: B&BW Sundrenched Vineyard candle to mask the gross eggs from R's breakfast. I loathe eggs and their stink.
Hearing: Every night for the past few weeks we've been hearing peepers outside. They live in the water hazard on the golf course. I find their noises soothing to fall asleep to.
Watching: Catching up on Grey's Anatomy! We were eleven shows behind! Now we only have two left for the season. I'm also loving The Royals.
Feeling: Pretty blah today. It's raining and I slept too late. I used to feel great after sleeping in but now it usually makes me groggy for the entire day. And by sleeping in, I mean 9:20.
Wearing: Jeans, tee, cardigan, slippers. My blah mood has made me feel uninspired in my clothing choices for the day. No blog photos on this lazy Sunday.
Anticipating: Selling off my wardrobe. Not all of it, but a sizeable chunk that I'm not wearing anymore. Hopefully I'll have more details about the Blogger Closet Sale soon! Purging feels so freaking good!

Gitterary Girl

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Celebrating Moms

Brunch, roses, quality time? Count me in! I was lucky to get spend Mothers' Day with my mom and mom-in-law.

It started off with some yummy food (brunch is becoming a wonderful tradition) and ended with some much needed outside time. It was a gorgeous day - sunny and 23 - to wander around the golf course and stop in to some open house condos.

Getting dressed was a flurry... I actually didn't have anything picked out to wear until the morning of!
Luckily, my tried and true formula (blazer, top, jeans) seemed to do the trick.

Blazer: Ann Taylor
Jeans: Joe Fresh
Top: Dynamite
Shoes: BCBGeneration
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Kate Spade

I might have to get another pair of white jeans, maybe distressed ones. I can't seem to stop reaching for these! 

Glitterary Girl