Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Walk to the Garden

The last few minutes before leaving for the ceremony were actually pretty relaxing. My MOH and I had a few minutes to ourselves where we packed our bags (yes, bags were needed as we wouldn't be returning to the hotel room until the end of the night) and I gave her the thank-you-for-being-the best-MOH-ever-and-catering-to-me-all-day presents.

Hanger given to me by R's cousin (thanks J!)

Shoes: France Mode via John David Shoes (Halifax). Handbag: Call it Spring

My ring is from Fawcett's Fine Jewellery (Halifax) and R's is from People's

I met our photographer Todd, who was to arrive just before I was ready to put on the dress and kindly waited in the bathroom until I was actually into it!

My lovely MOH got her dress, belt, and shoes at Le Chateau

Dress: Pronovias "Laberne" from Chester & Felicity (Halifax)

My requisite Instagram upload prior to leaving!

 Walking through the hotel and pool area on the way to the garden was a fun experience! I had to arrive first, and once I was almost to the waiting area, R was allowed to leave the room he was getting ready in.

All photos by Bently & Wilson Photography (Las Vegas)

Stairs were my nemesis of the day.
Keep watching next week for more wedding photos!

Glitterary Girl

Monday, December 15, 2014

Art & Sole

Just because we don't have an actual coffee table in our new place (yet), that doesn't mean we can't use a fashionable coffee table book! I think I've found a great resting spot for it in the meantime.

Before even opening the book, it is beautiful to look at. I love the striking red cover and the gold edging. There's a little red ribbon page marker too so you can find your favourite page quickly!

Created by Jane Gershon Weitzman (wife of shoe king, Stuart), the book is a collection of actual shoes that were created by various artists for the Stuart Weitzman's Madison Ave storefront. Inside you'll find photos of shoes fabricated with materials such as fresh flowers, corrugated cardboard, and feathers. As for wearing the shoes, probably not possible in most cases, but they are certainly fun to look at and definitely works of art!

Perhaps someday I will be lucky enough to own a pair of his shoes (the 50/50 boot if anyone is asking)...

This would be a fabulous Christmas gift for your favourite shoe-obsessed lady! Here's the Amazon link.

Thanks to Jane's PR group for the copy!

Glitterary Girl

Friday, December 12, 2014


Did you ever buy something for a specific purpose and then have it not work out? I decided to take the cross body strap off my new bag - and I sought out this bag completely wanting it to be a cross body. I questioned the narrowness of the strap when I made the purchase but I crossed my fingers hoping it would handle the weight of the bag. Nope.

Jacket: Danier
Jeans and earrings: American Eagle
Sweater: Smart Set
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: Kate Spade
Snood: H&M

Turns out, I like the bag anyway. Even without the strap.

Glitterary Girl

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Ready with Glam Squad

I knew begin a brief getting ready on the morning of the wedding would be a fun experience, but I didn't expect it to be quite so impressive. I was so happy with the business I chose!

Glam Squad was the company that came to the hotel room to prep me, my maid of honour, and the two moms. I picked them because they had really good reviews on The Knot. They were to arrive at 9:30 AM, and they were right on time. Two people came in and got to work. They said they liked to save the bride for the last so they began styling my mom and my MOH. Then two more people came. While one started on the third person, the other teamed up with another artist. Then there was ANOTHER knock on the door, and this guy had orders to start my hair by just curling it. The owner of the company was on the way to do most of my hairstyle.

I lost track of how many hair and makeup artists came in and out of the room, but it was at least ten! To do four people! James, the owner of Glam Squad was a true genius. My hair and make up turned out exactly how I pictured them to in my best wedding day dreams. James ended up staying to do the rest of my hair-do and all of my makeup. He was the nicest person ever, and a true pleasure to chat with. He made me feel so relaxed. It truly was one of the highlights of the day!

I showed James a photo of the hairstyle I wanted. When he was done, I asked for it to be loosened up a bit and it took him 10 seconds to pull a few curls out and relax the look. James was able to incorporate two of the three hair pieces I brought with me (hey, I wanted some options). The large feather piece in the back belonged to my friend Pam and the little flowers belonged to my friend Andrea.

For the makeup, I chose to have airbrush done as I'd heard it was really long lasting. The hardest part for me was getting the false lashes on. I have pretty sensitive eyes (think Rachel on Friends when she went to the eye doctor) and they kept tearing up.

Cool chair!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Glam Squad to any Vegas bride. The price was $185 for hair and airbrush makeup (including false lashes). It was fabulous to have them come to me instead of having to go out and get it done somewhere on the strip.

The finished look

Glitterary Girl